The Crit Cafe was founded and continues to be operated by Tom and Stacey Hughes: avid cyclists, craft beer enthusiasts, burger lovers, and devoted restaurateurs. Tom and Stacey started the Crit Cafe in 2016 as a basic snack-shack proof-of-concept with a one year test plan. Dreams coming true, the Cafe became popular enough to take it to the next level. In 2017, they started construction on the upper patio along the western side of Criterium Bike Shop. The move from the small, front patio to the larger western space was completed in late 2017. The acquisition of a Colorado beer and wine license in 2018 brought the trail-side cafe concept to full fruition. With a background in construction, Tom did all the design and build-out, so one could say it's a place direct from the heart and hands of the owners.

And of course none of this would have been possible without the support (and permission, really) of Criterium Bike Shop's one and only Nic Ponsor. Working side-by-side with Tom and Stacey, Nic worked to bring the Cafe to it's full potential. Nic has never backed down from a hot pepper challenge, and so has been memorialized in best way possible--by burger, of course. Try the Ponsor Burger and let Nic know if it was spicy enough for you!